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Lenses  have many applications in range from the simple collection of the scanning of laser beams to precise imaging and image transferring. Lenses are classified as single, cylindrical and achromatic lenses according to the different applications. Primex Optical provides these lenses with the material of optical glasses, crown glass and Flint glass, fused silica, sapphire, silicon and germanium. Special  focusing systems are able to be designed by our engineers upon request.

Selecting the proper lens for your application requires making a number of choices. A few of the many considerations include: lens shape, conjugate ratio, f/number, transmission, wavefront distortion, scattered light, anti-reflection coating, and cost.

Plano-Convex Lens is best used where one conjugate point (object distance S or image distance S') is more than five times the other. This lens shape is near best-form for either focusing collimated light or for collimating a point source.

Bi-Convex Lens is most suitable where the object and image are on opposite sides of the lens and the ratio of the image and object (conjugate ratio) distances is between 0.2 to 5.

Plano-Concave Lens has a negative focal length and is typically used to cause a collimated beam to diverge as in a Galilean type beam expander or Telescope. Because the spherical aberration of the Plano-Concave is negative, it can be used to balance the aberration of other lenses.

Bi-Concave Negative Lens is like the Plano-Concave lens in that it is used to produce divergent light. The Bi-Concave is best used when the input beam is converging. 

Meniscus Lens: The Positive Meniscus  can increase the NA of the system while only adding slightly to the total spherical aberrations. The Negative Meniscus Lens is used to increase the focal length of another lens while maintaining the angular resolution of the optical  assembly. This lens shape is best used when one conjugate is relatively far from the lens.

Micro Lenses is small of dimetion. It is used in the fields of medical, electronic, teaching, information, communication, agriculture and etc.

Cylindrical Lenses: are used in application requiring magnification only, such as in transforming a point image into a line image or changing the height of an image without changing its width or vice versa. Therefore serving a variety application, such as slit line detector array illumination, bar code scanning, holography, optical information processing and computer, laser projection.

Rod lenses is used in the fields of medical, electronic, information, agriculture, communication and etc.

Achromat doublet lenses have significantly better optical performance than singlet lenses in visible imaging and laser beam manipulation applications.it consists of a positive low-index Crown Glass lens element cemented to a negative high-index Flint Glass lens element. The elements are chosen so as to cancel chromatic aberration at two well-separated wavelengths, usually in the blue and red region of the spectrum. Focal length is constant at those two wavelengths and focal length shifts are virtually eliminated across the visible wavelengths. One frequent use is to achieve diffraction limited focusing of a laser beam. Negative Achromat is typically used when there is a need to eliminate chromatic aberration. In addition to reducing chromatic aberration at the design  wavelengths, spherical aberration and coma are greatly reduced. We always make our achromats as precise specifications and tolerances for uncompromising image quality upon customer's requirement.

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