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Fitec optics is able to furnish optical and applied thin film products range from UV to infrared, such as infrared filter、ultra high reflection、ultra low absorption Co2 laser and high power damage threshold films.
We supply:
  •           Anti-reflection film
  • l         Infrared films
  • l         Super low absorption Co2 laser film
  • l         Metal high reflection film
  • l         Infrared detector metallization film+AR film
  • l         High power ND:YAG laser film
  • l         Excimer high power laser film
  • l         UV laser film
  • l         Diachronic filter
  • l         Heat/light separation filter
  • l         Metal beam splitter
  • l         Attenuation/low reflection film
  • l         Metallization film
  • l         Solderable film
  • l         Broadband anti-reflection film
  • l         Narrowband anti-reflection film
  • l         Super wide anti-reflection film
  • l         Enhanced metal mirror
  • l         Band pass filter
  • l         LWP/SWP filter
  • l         Neutral density filter
  • l         Dielectric beam splitter
  • l         Polarization beam splitter
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