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Achromatic lenses

Achromatic lenses(doublets)is a lenses consisting of two cemented elements made of different materials, usually flint glass with crown glass. The achromat offers superior correction of spherical aberration in monochromatic applications. In addition to higher image quality, additional advantages of the cemented achromat include: simplified mounting since it becomes one unit, smaller light loss resulted from fewer surfaces, less stray light due to reduced reflections.


Material: grade A optical glass or Fused Silica
Design Wavelength: 480.0nm, 546.1nm, 643.8nm
Diameter: Smallest up to 2mm
Diameter Tolerance:+0.0, -0.10mm
Paraxial Focal Length: ±2% @546.1nm
Centration: 3 arc minutes
Clear Aperture: >80%
Surface Figure: lambda/4@632.8nm

Surface Quality: 60-40 scratch and dig
Coating: Single layer MgF2 broadband AR coating
Protective Bevel

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