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Zinc Selenide,(ZnSe) a chemically vapor deposited material, is the material of choice for optics used in high power CO2 laser systems due to its low absorption at 10.6µm. However it is also a popular choice in systems operating at various bands within its wide transmission range. ZnSe has a high resistance to thermal shock making it the prime material for high power CO2 laser systems. ZnSe however is only 2/3 the hardness of ZnS multi-spectral grade but the harder anti-reflectance coatings do serve to protect ZnSe. Zinc Selenide’s cost is about the same as ZnS multi-spectral grade and is generally more expensive than Germanium.
Size: Dia10mm to 150mm
Tolerance: +0/-0.1
Surface Quality : 40/20 or 20/10 precision
Flatness : 1/4 lambda per inch @633nm, 1/8 lambda per inch @633nm
Parallelism :< 3 arc min 
Chamfer :0.25(+0.25/-0.00)mm × 45 Degree 
Material : Znse
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