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Primex is a professional enterprise founded in 2008 in Fuzhou China.Primex technologies produce optical components,infrared optics and cystal for industrial Optical Scanner,Camera,Optical Metrology,Opticalsensors,Telecommunication,3D measurement,Excimerlasers,Semiconductor,Analysisequipments,Endoskopy,Medicalapplications,Microskope Defense and Security,etc.

We have capability to provide you for efficiency help to provide you quality products and low cost price , We ensure full spectrophotometer control and interferometer control. The quality of our products is tested before delivery with the use of autocollimators,, palno laser interferometer, a Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900, Spherometers as well other inspection instruments.

our experienced engineers can design optics as well as coatings to meet your specific requirement.our advanced engineers that have worked in photonics for over 20 years.our skillful staff take prides in fabricating the products with good quality. All our manufacturing processes is fully comply with ISO9001 as well as the process of measurement.

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